• Born in Stralsund
  • Trained decorator
  • Lived in various cities in Germany and the Netherlands
  • Experience and further education through collaboration and participation in art studios
  • Design and organization of social projects
  • Painting on silk
  • Handicrafts with glass
  • Experiment with different materials
  • Manufacture of jewelry
  • Design and creation of gardens
  • Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad
  • Passing on my knowledge in design and teaching in various art courses
  • Settled in Oldenburg for years


I paint in the night.  It has its own rules, a special atmosphere.  Far from everyday life, the night creates space for EVERYTHING.  I sink into canvas and paint ... forget everything around me ... The phase of excitement begins: is it possible to fill the empty, white canvas with life?
Painting is my life.  It belongs to me.  This is me.
Life is Beautiful!
Gabriele Springer